Art Is A Verb

In this pivotal moment, COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement have catalyzed a much-needed reckoning across creative industries, and removed us from our former lives to examine how and why we make work. It is clear that in order to survive and build a sustainable future, we must transform our existing systems, reimagine the status quo, and support each other across disciplines. At Barrett Barrera Projects, we believe that ART IS A VERB — it’s the ongoing process of re-constructing our world, and creatives are the harbingers of a new reality, with the ability to catalyze real change. Join your co-hosts Susan Barrett and Todd Thomas as we navigate these new circumstances with a collaborative intention, connecting with thought leaders and multidisciplinary creatives for intimate conversations about how we can use this unprecedented moment to chart the way forward toward a better, more sustainable, and equitable future for us all.